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BOOKEXPO/BOOKCON 2017 Javits Center, NYC, NY JUNE 1-4 Opens 10 AM

Come and meet Roe De Pinto and receive a signed copy of the first edition of The Adventures of

Zealy and WHubba paperback edition and maybe win a special gift in celebration of Zealy and Whubba's new trademark and branding and the new production of Book 4 in the series, "Too Much Junk in My Trunk!" First come first serve -limited quantities -get it while they last!!!! Many free promos, too! Get in on the fun, bring the children to BOOKCON June 3 and 4th. June 1-2 - BOOKEXPO (tradeshow).

SAVE THE DATE: June 1- 4th 10am-6pm (except June 4th-Sunday 5pm)

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