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Characters That Warm Your Hearts! ZEALY & WHUBBA

The series is about two little ambassadors, the unlikeliest of friends, a little girl seal pup with fluffy white fur and sparkling bright eyes, and a precious, adorable baby boy orca with big blue eyes and a warm, loving smile that will melt your heart as well as your little ones. These two fun-loving characters spread happiness by their love for one another, their respect for themselves, others and their environment . They protect and watch over one another and teach children to always think of others first rather than themselves, and to give with kindness from their hearts. Their examples will cultivate good morals and good manners and also impress how important it is to take care of the environment in which they live so that future generations will have a beautiful, safer world to grow into.

The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba Created By Roe De Pinto is trademarked 2017.

Book 1- A New Life Begins

Book 2- Zealy's Very First Swim

Book 3- Zealy and Whubba Go Fishing

All available at, or Amazon and Barnes and,, and ask for it in bookstores everywhere. Available through Ingram and Baker and Taylor for distribution.

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