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De Pinto

Award -Winning      Author
kidsbook,The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba

**The Adventures of

            Zealy & Whubba**  


Readers' Views  2x                  Award Winner 2016

IPA       2017

     Award Winner 2x

   2016 & 2017

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About Me
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About Me

I am currently a proud mother of two children and grandmother of three grandbabies who I cherish more than the air I breathe!

I have in my past days, worked  and dedicated my life entirely to my children and family.  I have been writing as a pasttime ever since I am about 10 years old.  I took courses in children's literature for 3 years with the hopes of writing a series some day when my time allowed for it.  In the interim, I have had several poems and prose published in the Library of Congress.  Finally in 2015, I picked up my character notes from courses of many years ago and began to write a series for my grandchildren to enjoy and now it has become a dream come true!

      My characters are in print, a screenplay is being marketed, and my characters are trademarked and branding now.  Tedious journey but very fulfilling being self-published.  My goal is for children everywhere across the globe to learn the lessons from Zealy and Whubba of respecting yourself, one another and the environment in which you live, so that peace, unity and non-violence will cultivate from developing good, strong values and morals from the earliest of ages.  This should be a blessing we all should pray for.

Work Experience

Work Experience


Business administration, researcher for publications,notary,recordkeeper, office management, organizer


Sales Associate, Realtor

Certified Buyer's Representative Licensed in NY & CA



The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba Series




Graduated Annunciation School-Crestwood,NY


Graduated Roosevelt High School-Yonkers, NY

1989 to present

Studied and graduated a 3 year course in Children's Literature from The Institute of Children's Literature, Ct.

Studied and certified as a travel agent in NYS

Studied and continuing education for licensing in NY and California as Realtor (including broker studies)

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