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Zealy and Whubba have a new home at Austin-Macauley Publishers, New York

Zealy and Whubba have been signed with the expertise of United Kingdom's well-known publishers, Austin- Macauley, who have recently expanded from London and Cambridge, Sharjah, and now New York with hopes of opening in Australia for 2018. They have recently opened an office on Wall Street in New York and have asked me to join in their team and expand our reach across the globe for Zealy and Whubba. I am most grateful for their appreciation of my work and have consummated our agreement this past week and I look forward to much success with their team of experts and marketing Zealy and Whubba under their house.

Thanks to Austin-Macauley for considering me to open your New York (their first United States location) office with!

Hope for much success with your support!

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